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housed in the historic Moline Commercial Club built in 1912. 

Timings:  Wednesday through Saturdays 6.00p.m. to 9.p.m, and By Appointment.
Hours are extended during evening events at the Phoenix.


Owner and Director:

Ms. Narveen Aryaputri

Call to Artists

"Child is the Mother of the Woman"

Mixed media Art show and sale on ' Woman Today'.

Accepting art beginning July 18th. 2016 and through October 21st. 2016
Subsequently the art will be on Goldenrod Art International online galleries. 

" Child is Mother of the Woman" The past is part of our present. The present evolves into the future.

Call to Artists

Traveling show: beginning Labor Day: September 2015.

" The Defence of the Constitutions" by John Adams. 

Opening celebratory  Evening: 

July 4th. 2015 
At 6.00 to 8.00 p.m. 
Stop by before the Fireworks in our area. 

Beginning at: 

Phoenix Art Gallery 
1530 Fifth Avenue
Moline. Illinois. 

This traveling show is in both 
Cyberspace AND Physical space

Cyberspace gallery: 
Goldenrod Art International online gallery. 

Opening celebratory Evening: 

July 4th. 2015 
At 6.00 to 8.00 p.m. 

Stop by before the Fireworks. 
Meet "John Adams" reading extracts from his treatise. 

Readings from Vols. II and III Through the entire collection 
Will be on Friday evenings:  July through SEPTEMBER 
At 7.30
Read by actors impersonating John Adams.
Some readings will be by Mrs. Adams.

A screen showing Art submitted in Cyberspace to the Goldenrod Art Gallery will be showing continuously through the show. 

Protest Art is included in a special category. 

ALL MEDIUMS accepted. 

Submissions for BOTH CYBERSPACE AND PHYSICAL SPACE taken through September 2015 before the show travels. 

Physical art gallery: Www.atthephoenix.com
Cyberspace art gallery: http://goldenrodartinternational.weebly.com

Email: thephoenixegg@gmail.com

Narveen Aryaputri 
Kari Hoffman 


Please send jpg of your paintings, drawings, sculpture.  Performances artists may send their art in any IMPG OR LINK. 

Deadline for the submission :  We will accept art through till September 25th for the travelling show. 

Subsequently: the show will travel to another physical venue to be announced in September. The cyberspace Gallery  Goldenrod Art International is continuous on line. 

This is your opportunity to show your art in a traveling group show with high publicity. 

The show will travel to multiple venues. 

* Goldenrod Art International charges only 20% of any sales made on behalf of the Artists, for art that is for sale only.  Art not for sale is shown without any commissions. 

* signed contracts are required for all art displayed for sale.

Call to Artists

Title of the Show
Art in Protest Of Obama And His Anti-American Administration

Date for submissions:
Taking submissions NOW through July 4th. 2015.
We began on Feb.12th. 2015. Abraham Lincoln's Birthday.
We will continue accepting submissions through July 4th. 2015.

In today's world we live in a dimension never seen before.
Art reflects our dimensions experienced in the here and now.

Aim: to make the Guinness Book Of World Records for the largest body of art against Barak Hussain Obama and his Anti-American regime.

This is a national and an international show.
Submissions will be collected through this time; and, on selection, displayed immediately.

Email for the digital art:  goldenrodartinternational@gmail.com

Postal address for the physical art:


Physical Art will be shown at the Phoenix Art Gallery.
1530 Fifth Avenue
Moline, Illinois 61265

Richard Loyal French
Narveen Aryaputri
Kari Hoffman

Submission guidelines:
*Repeated images will be filed for future use. The first submission will be included.
*ALL images are accepted.
*reference to historic protest art is acceptable, both in physical as well as digital art.
* requests to keep anonymity of the artist will be fully honored.

Goldenrod Art International shows in Art at various venues.
The Art submitted in Cyberspace will be shown on
webpage:  www.atthephoenix.com
Facebook page:  

Please keep in mind:
Artists are up in front of all strong grassroots movements historically.
Artists create Art history. Not art dealers. A gallery shows and highlights the work of selected Artists. Gallery owners are not necessarily dealers.

Only Art knows what Art does.


Artist's Statement
Richard Loyal French

Back in WWII, images were used extensively against our enemies, in the media, even cartoons (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Donald Duck and others joined in on the war against the "Evil Axis"), and posters were everywhere warning against "trusting everyone" and talking to much giving the enemy information that would give them the advantage.

Propaganda we call it now... a tool that works, that most people today consider a "bad thing".

I don't.

My images I intend to be "in your face", "hard to ignore", Blunt honesty - much like the war effort of WWII.

But then... we had a media that loved America, as did our President then... Not now. 
And we had Americans who were strong willed, and used to hardships and death, and surviving in odds that would kill you otherwise.

Most people today... don't know hardship. They don't know anything beyond that "horrible things happen somewhere else" as you take-selfies and watch the Kardashians.

YOU DON'T WANT to See the blood, the gore, and the REALITY of the inhumanity that these animals are REALLY DOING!

You can, and do, turn the page of the paper and refuse to look at the pictures there... Turn off Fox News, because they report the truth that you don't want to acknowledge.  Or... as some have done in my case, Report my images to Facebook so that they can shut me down, and and stop my images from being circulated.  And remove my posts altogether.

Yes... to some.  My images are way over the top. Because they are not used to having their "Perfect world"... or their "Perfect President Messiah" come crumbling down to Reality.

Or... worse... Administrators of groups who claim to be against Obama, who claim to be against Islam, afraid that the "Great Oppressors" and "Overseers" of Facebook and/or the "Goose-Step NSA" will come to Spank them!

And so the Administrators removes anything that really Bites hard the Reality of how barbaric these Animals are... and follows exactly what the Obama administration wants: Not to Show how Obama is allowing these Atrocities to grow, and grow, and grow, as if they were just in someone's imagination and nothing more... as he Golfs on his never-ending Vacation. "Nothing to see here... ISIS is not Islam". 
They Conform to the Blindness that Obama desires.

After all your just a Dog with no bite... and Obama eats Dogs!

Those type of Administrators are the dogs who bark from "Closed Groups" who hide while they bark that they want to really make a difference... but have no teeth to bite anyone... And are really useless.

It's a dog eat dog world... and I do bite. 
And I bite Hard! 

Like it.. or get the fuck out of my way!

I hope that the Greatest Generation (those that fought in WWII) would have been proud of the images I do. Because I am proud of them, what they fought for... How valiant, brave and daring AMERICANS they were.... and the sacrifices that they made FOR America and our Freedoms that we enjoy today.

My images fight THEIR Good Fight, as well as our own today.... With all the passion and truth that they had back then.

The Art of winning war has never changed... only the American People have grown weak, spineless, self-serving and cowardly... afraid to stand up and be a strong unstoppable American Force.

My Images are Intended to be a mirror of the times and its harsh reality.

Perhaps you don't like, nor can stomach, the images I post because, it really is a mirror... a mirror that shows that YOU are not of the mettle of Americans that our fathers and grand-fathers were who Won World War II.  A mirror that shows how gutless that you really are.

I intend to be that mirror that "they" will have to look into.

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CALL 312-498-7207 or email:  thephoenixegg@gmail.com